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The Dartmouth Group
The Dartmouth Group
The Darmouth Group
The Competitive Advantage - Corporate Sales Training
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Dartmouth Clients:

Procter & Gamble
Chase Bank
Mays Chemical
CT Corporation (NY)
The Engledow Group
The Estridge Group

What our Clients say…..

“The Dartmouth Group, Ltd. has worked closely with us to create selling and negotiation models for our North American operation.  Dartmouth’s contribution in helping us to rethink, develop and implement these new models has proved invaluable”

Bruce Peters,
Director of Global Sales Training

The Procter and Gamble Company,
Cincinnati, Ohio


The talent that The Dartmouth Group brings to the table is incredible---their support for sales strategies, field sales organizations, compensation modeling, change-and managing change-within companies is incredibly important in today's hyper-competitive environment.  The "sales traps" are a must for every sales person and manager to recognize. If you want to get and keep a competitive edge, this is the organization to partner with”

Jack Thompson,
Vice President

Xerox Corporation


   Welcome to The Dartmouth Group

The Dartmouth Group is a highly differentiated sales research and marketing consulting organization that assists regional, national, and multinational companies build world-class sales teams to improve a company’s sales revenues and profitability.

The Dartmouth Group determines ways to improve the revenue and profit performance of companies’ field sales organizations as well as call centers by applying scientifically validated strategies and behaviors resulting from sales and sales management research.  Often, the key to improving a company’s performance lies not in widely held conventional wisdom, but in correcting the conventional wisdom that turns out to be a partial truth or falsehood. We call these Traps. It is these Traps that we help you avoid by citing our research data or conducting a behavioral analysis study to gather and analyze your own company's data.

Our behavioral analysis studies involve observing your top performers and creating a model of the behaviors that they use when their sales calls are successful.  We then work closely with your average and below-average performers to help them adopt this top performer model in order to improve their sales results.

We're Different

Perhaps Dartmouth’s biggest differentiator is our confidence in our ability to deliver improved sales performance which is reflected in our fee structure. We work with you on a 12-24 month agreement (no contract unless you require one!). Initially, you pay us 25% of our total fees to cover design and customization of the engagement, while the remaining balance is amortized over the remaining 12-24 month period.  If, for any reason, you decide you are not satisfied with the value you are receiving, you may cancel with 30 days written notice without any penalties or further obligations.  Why?  We believe strongly that we must do what we say we will do and create client value, or you should not continue to invest your money in our engagement.  This also ensures that Dartmouth works as hard as you do to achieve success.

Dartmouth consultation is based on research, not current trends or opinions which may or may not be correct.  Dartmouth tends to run contrary to conventional wisdom, meaning that by focusing upon counter-intuitive principles and behaviors of selling, managing, and recruiting, you are more likely to improve the performance of your entire sales organization.

For example, conventional wisdom says that the more sales calls sales people make, the more likely they will be to improve their performance.  In fact, this is only a partial truth, because high sales activity levels in the area of new business calls, proposals, or product demonstrations tend to work best in the transactional or simple, low-value sale.

In the consultative type of sale, which is much more complex in nature, results are not so much about sales activity levels as they are about how people behave once they are in front of customers.  So if your company is tracking sales call activity in the high-level sale, you may be placing your emphasis on the wrong thing.  You should be measuring the effectiveness of your sales people once they are in front of the customer and not measuring how many customers they are able to contact.

Using scientific research, The Dartmouth Group emphasizes behavioral change to improve the sales performance and the profitability of sales people. 

The Darmouth Group

   You Know Us

The Dartmouth Group executives include some of the most respected executives in the business: the former President of Cinergy, the former Chief Marketing Officer world-wide for IKON Office Solutions, a former executive of Hewlett-Packard, the Executive Director of the IU Center for Global Sales Leadership, the former manager of training for Xerox Corporation at their International Training Center, and more.

The Darmouth Group

The Darmouth Group



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